Long ago, so long in fact that only a handfull of living creatures truly remember, a great evil arose in the world. it began small but soon threatened to engulf the world. by the time the great and noble races of the world figured out what was happening it was almost too late. They quickly banned together and set aside their hatred for each other. The war against evil was long and brutal many lives were lost and it seemed that evil would prevale. In a last ditch effort the Races formed a small band of esteemed warriors to seek out the help of Droga a great gold dragon. Droga agreed to help the band of heros, and then lured Frit the lord of fear to the cliffs overlooking the sea of ages. the battle was intense as the emense powers of good and evil collided. in the end both Frit and Droga fell into the sea never to be seen again. The people were filled with joy and sorrow upon hearing the news and the army of evil broke and fell away. The heros were revered and rewarded for their bravery. Now a new threat has arose small bands of evil men have begun to appear and take over towns. Who will answer the call this time? who will fight in the name of the world?

Having heard of your exploits in other kingdoms the King of the Kerrat nation has call you to his capital. Rydel the king has been living in fear for the past few monthd as a number of assassination atempts have been made on his life. He is not completely sure as to who would be attempting to kill him. War has not seen his kingdom in some thirty years. He has some suspicions how ever that the recent attempts have come from this new theives guild that has recently cropped up in his home city. Though their motivation is uncertain. The latest attempt on his life came in his bed chamber as he lay sleeping beside his queen. This time they have gone too far. He needs someone to put a stop to this at once.

the resurection